What is AIO

"Giving Real Value to Tokens"

AIO (All In One) is an Ethereum-based token created by Aaress Fintech Inc. - a registered incorporation setup in the global financial capital Hong Kong. Aaress Fintech Inc. is run by professional fund managers and Crypto currency experts.


AIO is generating a pool of funds through its Initial Coin Offering (ICO) which will hold these funds and the value of these funds shall be assigned to all Tokens issued.


Further we will introduce sector specific Digital Currency Pools with the objective to provide funding in different sectors like Construction, Pharmaceuticals, IT, Banking, Retail, Space Research, Aayurvedic Medicines & Alternative Therapies etc.


We are in process of developing regulated Futures Index and Options Trading in crypto currencies which is going to be first of its kind Crypto exchange with advance trading options with limit buy and sell options.


AIO is an Ethereum-based token contract which is written in Solidity, the object-oriented programming language for writing smart contracts. Also provided is a Dapp base wallet system with a privatekey backup option.


Aaress Fintech Inc is committed to bringing trusted world class investment options for common people so that they can participate and benefit from the exponential growth in the crypto currency market.